WDCTA Dressage Schooling Show Recognition Rules

USDF/USEF shows are automatically considered WDCTA Recognized for our Awards Program. For Schooling Show recognition, the management of the competition must submit a request for show approval to the Dressage Recorder postmarked at least 45 days prior to the competition.

  • The application must use the official show recognition request form posted on the WDCTA web site (Forms Page).
  • The show must be a competition open to all breeds.
  • When promoting the show, please refer to it as “WDCTA Recognized Show,” and NOT WDCTA Approved.
  • In accordance with USEF rules, Show manager and Show Secretary may only show ‘Hors Concours’ at the show where they are managing or organizing.
  • The show must be governed by USEF rules and have USEF recognized judges or a recognized USDF “L” Graduate (may judge Intro thru Second Level). Sport Horse class judges must be USEF Sport Horse judges in order for scores to qualify for WDCTA In-Hand Sport Horse year-end Awards.  (USDF "L" Graduates should be properly listed as per the USDF. For example, Judge Judgey, USDF "L" Graduate, and NOT Judge Judgey, "L." For USEF Judges, they should be denoted as per USEF: Judge Judgey, "r" OR "R" or "S")
  • When a clinic is held in conjunction with a schooling show, and the clinic is held BEFORE the show, clinic organizers must submit a list of clinic riders to the WDCTA Dressage Recorder. Schooling show scores for the clinic riders will not qualify for year-end awards.
  • Schooling show results must be sent to the Dressage Recorder within 2 weeks after the Rider attire requirements for schooling shows is at the discretion of the show committee.
  • Schooling or USEF recognized shows organized by a WDCTA Chapter or the WDCTA State Board will receive a free, full page ad in the newsletter and will be listed in the calendars of the newsletter and website. WDCTA recognized schooling shows organized by members or non-members will be added to the schooling show calendar on the WDCTA website free of charge. Please refer to information on the WDCTA website or newsletter for information on additional advertising opportunities for your show.

To apply for your show to be recognized, please download the FORM.

Contact the Awards Chair.