2017 70 Percent Club Members

Congratulations to the following riders who achieved one or more scores of 70% or higher in a dressage class in 2017:

Rider |  Horse |  Score  

Introductory Level

Patty Combs, Show Girl, 71.500%

Training Level

Ken Borden, Tiamo’s Royal Reid, 77.391% 
Nicole Trapp, NT Phantom Valor, 75.000% 
Ken Borden, Show Girl, 73.478%
Patty Combs, Tiamo’s Royal Reid, 71.087% 
Nicole Dressen,   Peponitas Dealing Aces,  70.682%
Jaci Wenz, Trioler, 70.227% 
Melissa Gray,  GMA’S Dark Shadow, 70.000% 

First Level

Joann Williams, Glamour Girl DBA, 74.219%

Second Level

Shelly Reichart, Garcia HM, 79.268%


Patty Combs, Sonitas Last Peppy, 70.950%


Intermediare I

Jackie Zimmermann, Alpha HM,  71.842% 
Jackie Zimmermann, Xelim De Tesouro,  71.711%


Grand Prix

Shelly Reichart, Welttaenser, 74.100%



Katie Foster, Sacramento, 76.200%
Megan McIsaac, Skovly’s Appel Jack, 73.875%
Lisa Lemke, Overgaard’s Pamanov, 73.333% 
Katie Joyce,  Zolansky M,  71.233%