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Attention Show Managers: If you are offering traditional dressage and western (WDAA) classes in your shows and would like them both WDCTA recognized, you will need to download both Show Recognition forms. The Western form is to be sent separately to the Western Dressage Recorder for approval (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You will also need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the traditional dressage awards program. There are no fees associated with having your show recognized for our WDCTA Awards Program.  Remember you must have your show approved in advance!

Quick Links:  Western Dressage Championship Show Rules | Western Dressage Show Recognition Form | Traditional Dressage Show Recognition Rules | Traditional Dressage Show Recognition Form


Western Dressage Awards Proposal

By Stephanie Severn, WDCTA President

Update: February 14, 2018

Update:  The board met in February and approved a Preliminary awards program on 2.13.18.


Hopefully by now you’ve already read my “Part 1” article about my December USDF convention trip (eQuester Newsletter). If not, why are you skipping such a thrilling article? (Tongue firmly in my cheek). In it I touch very briefly on the subject of Western Dressage and the USDF.

Several years ago the WDCTA State board was approached to include Western Dressage into our awards program. After sending it to the Chapters to discuss amongst the membership, the State officers discussed and vetoed the idea.

At that time, United States Equestrian (USEF) had not yet named an association as their recognized national affiliate, and there were several competing Western organizations, each with different tests. USDF advised staying out of it until the USEF named an official Affiliate. Fast forward to the present, and the Western Dressage Association of America has been named by the USEF as the Recognized National Affiliate Association for all western dressage in the US.

Western Dressage Awards Proposal Passes

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February 14, 2018

The Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association (WDCTA) is pleased to announce the State Board passed the Western Dressage Awards proposal during their meeting February 13, 2018. This new award program offers WDCTA members exciting new ways to earn WDCTA year-end awards. These awards are designed to recognize all riders competing in WDAA or USEF recognized, or WDCTA approved schooling shows, offering WDAA Western Dressage tests, and will first be awarded in the 2018 competition year. Awards will be given at the following levels; Intro, Basic, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and the new Level 4, with champion, reserve champion and 3rd – 6th places being named at each level, presented at the annual meeting and awards banquet.

Show Managers may begin to submit their shows for Approval! 

For complete award requirements, please go to the Western Dressage Awards section of our website, visit our FORMS page (forms are being created and added), or contact our Western Dressage Awards at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year End Awards For Western Dressage

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For information on our Traditional Dressage Awards Program, please click here


Western dressage awards program:

WDCTA offers great year-end ribbons & awards for competitors.

Scores are earned during the competition year starting in December from WDCTA and/or USEF/WDAA recognized shows, open to all breeds.

Submitted scores must be RECEIVED by November 30 or earlier - NO EXCEPTIONS

  1. A champion, reserve champion and 3rd – 6th places will be awarded for each level.
  2. One freestyle champion, reserve champion and 3rd – 6th place will be awarded for all WDAA Freestyle test levels combined (Intro – Level 4).
  3. Open, Adult Amateur and JR/YR will be combined into one Division, defined as “Open.”
  4. Levels are defined as Intro through Level 4, using the current Western Dressage Association of America tests found at http://westerndressageassociation.org.
  5. The horse rider combination must have three qualifying scores from three different judges from two different shows. WDCTA will accept scores from WDAA or USEF Recognized shows and from WDCTA-recognized Schooling shows, but Judges must be USDF "L" Graduates, or WDAA Licensed, or USEF 'r' or higher.
  6. Scores must be a minimum of 60% at Intro through Level Four.
  7. Scores must be from WDAA tests only. The scores will be averaged.
  8. Scores must be earned at WDCTA and/or USEF/WDAA recognized shows, open to all breeds. WDCTA does not recognize virtual shows for this awards program.
  9. One test score must be from the highest test for the level.
  10. When a clinic is run in conjunction with a schooling show, using the show's judge as the clinician, the show must be held BEFORE the clinic in order for the rider's scores to qualify for year-end awards.
  11. The rider must send to the Awards Chair a “GOOD QUALITY” photocopy of the original test for each qualifying score. Photocopy must clearly state the show name, horse and rider, class, date, judge, score and judges signature. Photocopy does not have to include individual movement scores and comments.
  12. Scores must be postmarked on or before November 30. Email will be accepted. No exceptions.
  13. If receipt confirmation of scores is desired, send self-addressed stamped postcard with score sheets; Awards Committee will return postcard when results are received. This will be the only notification that results were received.

Registration and Eliigibility:

  • The rider and owner of the horse must be members in good standing of WDCTA at the time scores are obtained.
  • Championship registration for each horse and rider combination must be postmarked at least 7 days prior to the first show from which they plan to submit scores.
  • A fee of $25.00 for each level must be paid for each horse and rider combination to be eligible for championships (See Full Rules). 
  • The recorder/Awards Chair must be notified in writing and fees paid if adding a level or division later in the year.
  • All registrations are for the show year December 1 through November 30.
  • A champion and reserve champion will be named for each division at each level of competition 

Please see the Forms page for the Full Rules/Requirements.


For full rules, application, and submission forms, see the Forms page.

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