2018 Membership Form - PDF  new or updated

2018 Membership Form - Word Doc new or updated

Stable, Instructor, Breeder, Business Listing Form

Amateur Affidavit

Breeder/Business Profile  - PDF

Instructor/Trainer Profile - PDF


Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet:

Information and Registration - coming soon! 
Education Flyer - coming soon!


Clinics & Symposia:

For WDCTA Show/Clinic/Event organizers:


WDCTA 2018 Midwest Horse Fair Demonstration:


 SW Chapter 2017 William Fox-Pitt Eventing Symposium:

SW Chapter 2018 Patricia Becker Clinics:

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  • Liability Waiver - coming soon!
  • Ride Times - coming soon!


SW Chapter 2018 Janet Foy Clinics:

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  • Liability Waiver - coming soon!
  • Ride Times - coming soon!


Chapter Shows & Mini Events

SW Chapter 2018 Capital Mini Event:

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  • WDCTA Waiver - Coming soon!


WDCTA Information:

WDCTA Public Day Insurance Request Form  - For WDCTA Show/Clinic/Event organizers! new or updated

WDCTA Bylaws (revised March 2017)  

Standard of Conduct (adopted in 2012)

WDCTA Policies (with index) - PDF

2010 Survey Results

State Communications Guidelines

WDCTA Liability Waiver - Older Word version (.doc) - For WDCTA Clinic/Event organizers!

WDCTA Liability Waiver - Newer Word version (.docx) - (Problematic file for some web browsers--may require use of IE to download)  


State Scholarship Information

State Scholarship Application - Newer Word version - PDF format

State Scholarship Application - Older Word version - DOC format

State Scholarship Application - Older Word version in PDF format 


Southwest Chapter Scholarship Rules (Southwest Chapter Scholarship)  

SW Chapter Scholarship Application - PDF format

SW Chapter Scholarship Application - PDF Fillable Form format

SW Chapter Scholarship Application - DOC format

SW Chapter Linda Burich Scholarship Information



eQuester Ad Rates (Includes information on Banner ads)

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2017 Dressage Championship Rules - PDF  

2017 Dressage Application - PDF  updated

2017 Dressage & In Hand Score Report including 70% Club- PDF updated


2017 Eventing Championship Rules - PDF 

2017 Eventing Application - PDF updated

2017 Eventing & In Hand Score Report including 70% Club - PDF updated


WDCTA Schooling Show Recognition:

Dressage Show Recognition Rules - PDF

Dressage Show Recognition Form - PDF - Updated for 2017


Dressage Tests:

FEI Dressage Tests - FEI Website

USEF Dressage Tests - Login required. Obtaining a Login is Free.

USDF Dressage Tests - Free!  

USEA Eventing Dressage Tests - Free! 

Intro Level, Freestyle, Quadrille, Pas de Duex, Materiale, Sport Horse, Championship, and Young Horse Dressage Tests - USDF site, Free download