WDCTA Central WI Chapter recognizes members

WDCTA Central WI Chapter wishes to recognize and applaud our member’s horsemanship activities and asked member’s to share clinics attended, shows competed in or judged, goals accomplished or are still working on, a new horse.... anything members did with their horse or with other’s horses in 2014. We all learn from each other and wish to encourage horsemanship sportsmanship. WDCTA Central WI Chapter is proud to introduce Brittany Remhof, Portage and applaud her 2014 Memorable Moment. Brittany is also a founding member/officer and 2015 WDCTA Central WI Chapter Secretary and Treasurer.

B Rembhoff

Brittany Remhof’s Memorable Moment – “It was difficult for me to narrow down just one memorable moment from 2014 because, horse wise, it was probably one of the best years I have had! The crazy part of it is the fact that it didn’t involve my own horse; although Ace and I still had a good but challenging year on our own. During spring/summer of 2014, I got a wonderful opportunity to assist my trainer Megan Dischler of Dressage Solutions. Monday and Tuesday became my new favorite days of the week - despite the fact that Monday meant waking up at 5am to be on the road and head to Lone Tree Farm in Oconomowoc WI which is about an hour and half drive from my home in Portage.

Time I spent with Megan was extremely valuable. I learned more than I probably ever have before. Not only did I get the opportunity to ride horses of different breeds and training levels, but I acquired different horsemanship skills that I still use on my own. One example is to always tuck in your polo wraps when rolling them! Megan also took the time to show me horse things outside of riding -- demonstrating what flocking a saddle is all about (which is so much more than I ever would have thought) and different equine nutritional components.

However, the experiences weren’t all a bed of roses. My time spent there was also sometimes personally frustrating. As a rider, my biggest weakness is myself with internal thoughts that “I am not good enough” and “I don’t know enough to be able to ‘fix’ issues that arise”. Honestly, I think that is why Megan provided me so many different horses to work with. I discovered that the only way we really learn is by riding, riding and riding some more. The variety of horses helped me realize I am good enough, I am able to think and ride thru issues and I will continue to challenge myself and my abilities! It is very hard to sum up how great of an opportunity it was for me and everything learned in a short article because there was so many different components - each were very influential and meant so much to me. Overall, thank you Megan for the varied opportunities offered to better myself and my riding.”

We want to hear from YOU!  Please email us your favorite memories of 2014. Your WDCTA Central WI Chapter officers want to hear and see what you participated in with your horse(s) so we can share your experiences with fellow chapter members.    Please email Vice-President Kris Blacklock This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your captured personal photos, briefly describe the activity and include your horse’s name.  Share clinics you attended, shows you competed in or judged, goals you accomplished or are still working on, a new horse.... anything you did with your horse or with other’s horses in 2014.  Your stories and photos will be shared via our Facebook page, WDCTA monthly eQuester newsletter and may be used for chapter promotional materials.