WDCTA Central WI Chapter recognizes members

WDCTA Central WI Chapter wishes to recognize and applaud our member’s horsemanship activities and asked member’s to share clinics attended, shows competed in or judged, goals accomplished or are still working on, a new horse.... anything members did with their horse or with other’s horses in 2014. We all learn from each other and wish to encourage horsemanship sportsmanship. WDCTA Central WI Chapter is proud to introduce Brittany Remhof, Portage and applaud her 2014 Memorable Moment. Brittany is also a founding member/officer and 2015 WDCTA Central WI Chapter Secretary and Treasurer.

B Rembhoff

WDCTA Central WI Chapter Recaps 2014 & Plans New Year

New to the Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association (WDCTA) last year, the Central WI Chapter recapped and celebrated their successful year of activities at their annual business meeting held November 9th, 2014 at the farm of Vicki Hodel. Special appreciation was expressed to inaugural officers Vicki Hodel, Brittany Remhof, Jill Schabel and Sharon Johnson and chapter leaders thanked members for their enthusiastic assistance and support in getting the new WDCTA chapter off the ground. Election of 2015 officers resulted in Vicki Hodel, President; Kris Blacklock, Vice-President and Brittany Remhof, Secretary/Treasurer; each will serve a one year term.

Central Chapter News

On February 9th the Central Chapter hosted an Integrative Medicine Seminar in Westfield,Wisconsin with Dr. Michelle Weidenkopf. We had a great turn out with 18 people attending. Dr. Weidenkopf gave a wonderful presentation on how Western Medicine (regular veterinary medicine) and Holistic Medicine can be used together to take care of some of our horses medical problems. She talked about how important proper hoof balance,dental balance,and proper saddle fit is for our horses healthy body mechanics.She also uses chiropractic and acupuncture as a treatment option in her practice. We can not thank her enough for donating all of the proceeds from this seminar to our Central Chapter.

The Dressage Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Dressage Foundation

The Dressage Foundation is celebrating 25 years in 2014!  Founded in 1989 by Lowell Boomer, who was also the founding organizer of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) in 1973, the Mission of The Dressage Foundation is "To cultivate and provide financial support for the Advancement of Dressage." 

WDCTA Presents the Global Dressage Forum North America

WDCTA is a proud sponsor of the Global Dressage Forum North America.  If you are in the West Palm Beach area mid-February, make sure you take in this fantastic Forum!  WDCTA members receive a 15% discount using the code below!  (USDF Members receive the same discount)


Grant & Scholarship Opportunitites from The Dressage Foundation

Dressage Foundation

 Listed below are brief descriptions of the grants, scholarships, and programs currently offered by The Dressage Foundation.  For further information please visit their website.  

Click "read more" for more information.

WDCTA Presence at 2013 USDF Convention

USDF Celebrates 40 years!

USDF 40th Anniversary


WDCTA was present at the 2013 USDF Convention in many forms.  Board members Mary Hanneman (WDCTA President) and Stephanie Severn (WDCTA Vice President) were in attendance throughout the weekend.  Members Shelly Reichert, Jackie Zimmerman, and Patty and Dick Combs attended the Awards Banquet gala.

New WDCTA Chapter Starts Up in Central Area

Central Chapter

WDCTA is pleased to announce an additional chapter has re-formed, under the leadership of a dedicated member, Vicki Hodel.

Read on, and if you’re in the area, consider joining in on and supporting this new chapter’s activities!

Shown in the above image, left to right:

Vicki Hodel - Central ChapterPresident
Nicki Butler - State Board Member-at-Large
Kara Amero
Brittany Remhof - Treasurer & Secretary
Meridee Sand
Kristi Slovik - member
Sharon Johnson - Vice President