Southwest Chapter Information

The Southwest (SW) chapter serves members from Southern Wisconsin, Madison and the surrounding region.

The SW chapter has hosted clinics with nationally known instructors Janet Foy and Maryal Barnett, the Annual Capital Mini Event, plus schedules 8-10 monthly meetings and special events. Many meetings include an educational program. Educational presentations in recent years have included: overview of the USEF Young Horse Dressage Program, rider biomechanics, equine body scoring, equine massage, lungeing, braiding demonstrations, intro to jumping, and a wet lab at the UW Vet School.

Among special events of the past: a sporthorse evaluation seminar with Gerd Zuther, a practice test riding day, and the major 2011 symposium Dressage Through the Levels with Steffen Peters and Janet Foy, involving more than 400 participants from the Upper Midwest region and beyond. In 2017, we hosted the William Fox-Pitt Eventing Symposium at the Alliant Energy Center.

As a member of WDCTA you are eligible for state scholarships and the awards program.  As a SW Chapter member you will have priority riding in SW Chapter clinics.

Upcoming events for 2018 include:

  • 'From the Judges Perspective' Potluck
  • Janet Foy Dressage clinics
  • Patrica Becker Dressage clinics
  • Capital Mini Event July 21-22 (rain date October 21-22)
  • Death by Chocolate Holiday Party

SW Chapter member benefits:

  • Two chapter scholarships, $300 maximum each, available annually. See the FORMS page for program description and application. 
  • Special scholarship: Linda Burich Scholarship: $250 maximum each scholarship, total of three scholarships available, one scholarship available per year until fund exhausted.
  • Reimbursement for purchase of approved safety helmets & vests (See below)
  • Chapter members audit most SW Chapter clinics at NO COST, with discounts to Chapter members for some special programs, as announced.



The chapter will reimburse $20 toward the purchase of a safety vest and $10 for a safety helmet. Limited to: one reimbursement per member per calendar year for a helmet and one reimbursement per member per calendar year for a safety vest.

Criteria and procedure for reimbursement: Helmet must be ASTM/SEI approved. Vest must be ASTM or BETA Class 3. Chapter members should submit a copy of the receipt, no later than six months from date of purchase, to the SW Chapter Treasurer for payment. (Original policy 1988; amended in 2000 and 2012.)




2018 SW Chapter Officers:

President: Haley Madden
Vice President:  Becky Bebber-Wells
Treasurer: Cathy Wunderlicht
Secretary: Jessica Smith-Bagley
Chapter Representative: Stephanie Severn
Alternate Chapter Representative: Heather McManamy

Southwest Chapter Meeting Minutes

Minutes will be posted once approved


FEB 208 - Printable PDF


JAN 2017 - Printable PDF
APR 2017 - Printable PDF
SEPT 2017 - Printable PDF
OCT 2017 - Printable PDF
DEC 2017 - Printable PDF


Historical SW Chapter Meeting Minutes


JAN 2016 - Printable PDF 
APR 2016 - Printable PDF
SEPT 2016 - Printable PDF
OCT 2016 - Printable PDF
NOV 2016 - Printable PDF


SW Chapter Presents: William Fox-Pitt Eventing Symposium 

November 4-5, 2017, Alliant Energy Center, Madison WI
#WFPinWI   #WFPSYmposium

Updated 11/07/17

Registration Form to Audit (MUST include signed release/waiver)042a3bea1ae9cc434b63280306a37a81 william fox pitt oslo


SW Chapter Presents the 2017 Capital Mini-Event

Mark your Calendar! October 21-22, 2017 at The Horse First Farm

The Southwest Chapter has announced a new date for the 2017 Capital Mini Event!  The event was rescheduled due to flooding, and will again be located at The Horse First Farm. 

Jump Clinician:  Kerry Zemlicika
Dressage Judge/Clinician:  Michele Knapp

There will be three levels offered this year! 

  • Intro at 18" (flat ground 8-10 logs or log-type obstacles)
  • Starter Novice at 28 " (2 feet 4")
  • Beginner Novice at 31" (2 feet 7")

Registration information is available on the FORMS page.



WDCTA SW Chapter Presents the 2016 Capital Mini-Event

Mark your Calendar! July 16-17, 2016 at The Horse First Farm

The Southwest Chapter has announced the date for the 2016 Capital Mini Event!  The event will again be located at The Horse First Farm. 

Jump Clinician:  Camie Stockhausen
Dressage Judge/Clinician:  Jessica Underwood

To Learn more about our clinicians please click "Read More"