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22 April 2019

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2010 Member of the Year

Pam Doolittle. Image by Shorthorse Studios

The State Board has named President Pamela Doolittle as our 2010 Member of the Year, for her focus on moving WDCTA forward in a positive and productive manner.

She has proactively solicited input from the membership so she can represent members who range from amateurs to professionals, from beginners to serious competitors. She has empowered members to use their creativity and ideas to make improvements in many ways. She has championed updating the organization’s bylaws to better represent how the organization needs to operate as a service organization and fairly treat its volunteer members. Pam also volunteered to take over as the organizer of the USDF L program under very difficult circumstances. She managed all of its aspects over the nearly two years the program was run by WDCTA. She did such a good job getting the program back on course, that the USDF recognized her and gave her a gift on behalf of her efforts. For her tremendous dedication to WDCTA, we honor her as our 2010 Member of the Year.