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22 April 2019

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2016 Member of the Year

Congratulations to Angela Genin

A Genin
Photos © Shorthorse Studios. Used with Permission.

 A Genin

Nominated by two WDCTA members, the WDCTA State Board voted that Angela Genin deserved to be recognized for her outstanding contributions to WDCTA. The award was presented in March at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.

From her nominations:

"WDCTA members may not realize all the behind-the- scenes work that Angela Genin does in order to keep our non-profit organization operating within the letter of the law and the IRS. When WDCTA split into two different GMOs in 2009/2010, Angela inherited financial records that were truly a disaster. She went through the painstaking process of rebuilding and reorganizing our financial history in order to file our taxes in 2010 without a hitch. Using her skills as a CPA, Angela now has our treasury set up in an electronic checkbook so our Board of Directors can easily see where our money is coming from and going to. In addition to keep our finances organized and bills paid, Angela manages the insurance for WDCTA and its chapters. This can be a thankless job as events get cancelled and sometimes added at the last minute. She has made it her mission to get the best coverage available at a fair price for our GMO and our chapters. Angela handles all these challenges in a fair, honest and business-centric manner with the best interests of WDCTA always in mind. She keeps her cool and her sense of humor no matter what the situation."

"I'd like to nominate Angela Genin for MOY for 2016. I think this award to Angela is well over-due. She's been an invaluable resource to WDCTA since the split in 2010. The treasury and books/records were a mess (disaster is a kind word for it) after the split, and Angela lead the effort to clear things up and steer us in a clear path.  I don't know if the members, even board members, understand all the hard work and time that Angela puts in to WDCTA.She's going to be sorely missed once she steps down as Treasurer."

Thank you to Angela for your genereous committment to WDCTA!