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17 January 2019

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2017 Member of the Year

Congratulations to Mary Hanneman

The WDCTA state board voted unanimously that Mary Hanneman deserved to be recognized for her tireless contributions to WDCTA. 


031817 0015 WDCTA
Past WDCTA President and 2017 MOY, Mary Hanneman

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mary moy
WDCTA President Stephanie Severn and 2017 MOY Mary Hanneman

An accomplished rider, Mary has a great love of horses and deep passion for our sport. Her leadership in furthering the sport of dressage has far-reaching, positive consequences. For four years Mary provided calm leadership to WDCTA as the State President (2013 - 2017).  Continuing in the footsteps of past President Pam Doolittle, Mary oversaw the review and update of WDCTA bylaws, the creation and expansion of our Policy & Procedures document, organized several annual meetings, oversaw WDCTA's USDF Instructor Certification Workshops and Pre-Certifcation, the SW Chapter's successful William Fox-Pitt Eventing Symposium, and countless other club activities.

Mary Hannman

For not only all that she does, but also the style with which she does it, Mary deserves to be the 2017 Member-of-the-Year.