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17 January 2019

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Member of the Year

2011 Member of the Year

The WDCTA State Board faced a dilemma. How do you decide between two outstanding members who give hours of their time, energy and ideas for WDCTA?

Simple. You don’t.

That’s why, for 2011, the WDCTA state board voted unanimously that both Mary Hanneman and Stephanie Severn deserved to be recognized for their tireless contributions to WDCTA. Read on to understand what they’ve done—and continue to do—for WDCTA, and congratulate them when you see them.


2010 Member of the Year

Pam Doolittle. Image by Shorthorse Studios

The State Board has named President Pamela Doolittle as our 2010 Member of the Year, for her focus on moving WDCTA forward in a positive and productive manner.