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22 August 2019

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2019 Membership Form - PDF 

Stable, Instructor, Breeder, Business Listing Form

Amateur Affidavit 

Breeder/Business Profile  - PDF

Instructor/Trainer Profile - PDF


Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting, 2019 Awards Banquet, & Education Even - Date TBD for 2020!


Clinics & Symposia:

Help For WDCTA Show/Clinic/Event Organizers:


Central Chapter 2019 Beginner Eventing/Dressage Clinic & Mini Event Series:

KM Chapter 2019 Anita Adams Long Lining Clinic:

SW Chapter 2019 Cindy Ishoy Dressage Clinics (May & June):

SW Chapter 2019 Patricia Becker Dressage Clinic:

SW Chapter 2019 Working Equitation Clinic (August):

Chapter Horse Shows & Mini Events

Central Chapter 2019 Dressage Schooling Show (July):

SW Chapter 2019 Capital Mini Event (Opening Date May 1):


WDCTA Information:

WDCTA Public Day Insurance Request Form  - For WDCTA Show/Clinic/Event Organizers! 

WDCTA Bylaws (revised March 2017)  

Standard of Conduct (adopted in 2012)

WDCTA Policies (with index) 

2010 Survey Results

State Communications Guidelines 

WDCTA Liability Waiver - Older Word version (.doc) - For WDCTA Clinic/Event Organizers! 

WDCTA Liability Waiver - Newer Word version (.docx)  

State and Chapter Scholarships:

State Scholarship Information  

State Scholarship Application - Newer Word version - PDF format 

State Scholarship Application - Newer Word version - PDF Fillable Form  

State Scholarship Application - Newer Word version - DOCX format  


Southwest Chapter Scholarship Rules (Southwest Chapter Scholarship)  

SW Chapter Scholarship Application - PDF format

SW Chapter Scholarship Application - PDF Fillable Form format

SW Chapter Scholarship Application - DOCX format


Advertising with WDCTA:

eQuester Ad Rates (Includes information on Banner Ads)

Submit an Advertisement:


WDCTA Awards Program:

Traditional Dressage:

2018 Dressage & In Hand Score Report including 70% Club - PDF 

2019 Dressage Championship Rules - PDF for 2019  

2019 Dressage Championship Application - PDF for 2019  

2019 Dressage & In Hand Score Report including 70% Club - PDF for 2019  


Western Dressage: 

2018 Western Dressage Score Report Form including 70% Club - PDF  

2019 Western Dressage Championship Rules - PDF  for 2019  

2019 Western Dressage Championship Application - PDF for 2019  

2019 Western Dressage Score Report Form including 70% Club - PDF for 2019  



2019 Eventing Championship Rules - PDF for 2019  

2019 Eventing Application - PDF for 2019  

2018 Eventing & In Hand Score Report including 70% Club - PDF 


Amateur Affidavit 


WDCTA Dressage Schooling Show Recognition:

 Attention Show Managers. If you are offering traditional dressage and WDAA classes in your shows and would like them both WDCTA recognized, you will need to download both forms. The Western form will be sent separately to the Western Dressage Recorder for approval.  There are no fees associated with having your show recognized for our WDCTA Awards Program. 

Traditional Dressage:

Traditional Dressage Show Recognition Rules - PDF

Traditional Dressage Show Recognition Form - PDF


Western Dressage: 

Western Dressage Show Recognition Rules - PDF 

Western Dressage Show Recognition Form - PDF 


Dressage Tests:

FEI Dressage Tests - FEI Website

USEF Dressage Tests - Login required. Obtaining a Login is Free.

USDF Dressage Tests - Free!  

USEA Eventing Dressage Tests - Free!

WDAA Western Dressage Tests - Free!  

Intro Level, Freestyle, Quadrille, Pas de Deux, Materiale, Sport Horse, Championship, and Young Horse Dressage Tests - USDF site, Free download