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It's Time to Renew!

Now Accepting 2022 New Members & Renewals!


WDCTA is now accepting new members and membership renewals for 2022. Be an "early bird" and renew now to ensure uninterrupted membership benefits with WDCTA and USDF, and of course delivery of WDCTA's eQuester newsletter! WDCTA's membership term mirrors that of the United States Dressage Federation: December 1 - November 30 annually. 

You may join or renew online and pay with Paypal via our online Membership Form

Business Members may also renew online or via our online Business Membership form. If you would prefer to mail in your membership with a check, the 2022 Membership form is available for download (for a printable PDF please visit our FORMS page).

Those Members wishing to renew their Stable, Instructor, Breeder, or Business (SIBB) listing may also do so either online or via our printable form. SIBB listings are for WDCTA members only. Business Listings are for Retail Businesses such as Feed Stores, Tack Shops, Truck or Trailer sales, Insurance, Fencing companies, and others not covered by our Stable, Instructor, or Breeder listings.


Why Join WDCTA?

Whether you join as an individual, a family, a junior, or a business member, you get a lot for your hard-earned dollar. Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Group membership in the United States Dressage Federation which includes member perks such as:
    • You are entitled to a discount on merchandise in the USDF store and discounts through USDF’s Member Perks Partners (must be logged in to USDF's website to access the following discounts):
      • Dressage Extensions ($100 off any Petrie custom boots)
      • (50% discount on membership)
      • DressageToday OnDemand (45% discount on membership)
      • HotelStorm - Exclusive hotel savings of up to 45% over other online travel agencies at 700,000+ properties worldwide
      • (One free month of membership)
      • Premier Equestrian (5% discount on all Premier Equestrian items)
      • Printastic (20% discount) 
      • Discount in the USDF Store (10% on regular retail merchandise, some exclusions apply)
      • USRider (Join USRider with no activation fee for a savings of $29 off the normal new membership rate)
    • Full access to all non-retail titles on the USDF app
    • Access to the "Members Only" section of the USDF website
    • Discounted rates at USDF educational events
    • Access to USDF's new e-Trak education program
    • Subscription to USDF Connection (10 issues) including digital access
    • Eligibility to receive a USDF Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund grant, which funds USDF convention attendance
    • Eligibility for the Regional GMO Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Subscription to WDCTA's eQuester Newsletter (12 issues)
  • USDF and WDCTA Awards programs
  • Eligibility for WDCTA educational Scholarships
  • Business members receive special business advertising rates plus, web banners and links to your website or email
  • Discounts on WDCTA-sponsored Programs such as clinics, symposia, schooling shows & USDF-sponsored events
  • And much more!

WDCTA's membership term mirrors that of the United States Dressage Federation: December 1 - November 30 annually.

Benefits of a Business Membership

Become a Business Member of WDCTA and enjoy these benefits:

  • A monthly listing and business card ad in the eQuester, published 12 issues per year (email or mail to Newsletter Editor)
  • Your business logo on the WDCTA website with a link to your website (email logo to Webmaster). If you have an unusually large file, please email the newsletter editor before sending.
  • Your business banner displayed on the WDCTA website (email banner to Webmaster), a $300 value! The banner ads on the right-hand side of this website are 180x150 pixels, and can be a .jpg, .gif, or .png. See example below, and banners on the right of each page:



WDCTA Accepts Paypal

Membership & Advertising Options Available Online


WDCTA continues its efforts to "Go Green" in conjuction with the USDF "Going Green" program.  Now we can accept membership renewals and advertising via Paypal!

Members may choose to go paperless and renew their Business, Individual and Family memberships entirely on-line through our website. 

In addition, advertising in the monthly newsletter, the eQuester, and the Stable, Instructor, Boarding and Business listings can also be accepted online through our website. Payment may be made easily and instantly via Paypal.

Important Notices

WDCTA memberships are from December 1st through November 30th.

Privacy: In May 2010, we heard from members who received an unsolicited email from a non-WDCTA member about a non-WDCTA event. Please be assured, WDCTA does NOT give out or sell our membership's email addresses. This is in accordance with our long-time policy to protect members' privacy. Please continue to alert us to these situations so we can contact the business, individual or organization.

WDCTA policy is as follows: WDCTA will consider requests for the purchase of a set of mailing labels for a one-time mailing at a cost of $20 for members, $40 for non-members. Anyone wishing to purchase a set of labels should contact the WDCTA president or WDCTA membership chair. These labels contain ONLY members' street or post office address and NOT an email address. It does not contain the names and addresses of members who have opted out of mailings outside of official WDCTA business.

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