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16 June 2019

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Central Chapter News

On February 9th the Central Chapter hosted an Integrative Medicine Seminar in Westfield,Wisconsin with Dr. Michelle Weidenkopf. We had a great turn out with 18 people attending. Dr. Weidenkopf gave a wonderful presentation on how Western Medicine (regular veterinary medicine) and Holistic Medicine can be used together to take care of some of our horses medical problems. She talked about how important proper hoof balance,dental balance,and proper saddle fit is for our horses healthy body mechanics.She also uses chiropractic and acupuncture as a treatment option in her practice. We can not thank her enough for donating all of the proceeds from this seminar to our Central Chapter.

New WDCTA Chapter Starts Up in Central Area

Central Chapter

WDCTA is pleased to announce an additional chapter has re-formed, under the leadership of a dedicated member, Vicki Hodel.

Read on, and if you’re in the area, consider joining in on and supporting this new chapter’s activities!

Shown in the above image, left to right:

Vicki Hodel - Central ChapterPresident
Nicki Butler - State Board Member-at-Large
Kara Amero
Brittany Remhof - Treasurer & Secretary
Meridee Sand
Kristi Slovik - member
Sharon Johnson - Vice President

Midwest Horse Fair - Every Horse Lovers Dream

And it came true this year for 9 WDCTA members!

By Vicki Hodel (Central Chapter President)

WDCTA at Midwest Horse Fair 2016

Every year, thousands of horse enthusiasts (62,000 this year) come to Madison to watch, learn and enjoy horses. And every year, there are those in the stands saying to their friend “We could do that. Let’s do that!”

I know because I was one of them.

I was honored this year to chair and participate with a wonderful group, exposing WDCTA once again to the World. It had been a long time since WDCTA had participated in the Midwest Horse Fair. One of the Central Chapter members says to me “Hey! We should do a demonstration!” And so it began.

Click "Read More" to learn more about WDCTA at the 2016 Midwest Horse Fair!